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This detailed course will cover everything you need to make your hand-held router as effective as possible in your shop.


Let’s get started by going over the array of routers in the market place. Then we’ll talk about bit selection, and how to properly mount a router bit in the collet of the router. We’ll also disc ...

One of the more common uses of a hand-held router is adding decorative details to an edge. The best cuts will be burn free and require little sanding, something you’ll be able to achieve after worki ...

Plunge routers provide a great way to make cuts such as mortises, and we’ll show you how to set up for this joint. You’ll also see how a router can:- Be used as a cross cut tool- Be used freehand ...

George wraps up this Course with a reminder to practice the skills you learned with your router – and make it one of the most versatile and effective tools in your shop.

George shares his history from getting his first router and how, over the years, he learned to properly use this important, versatile tool.