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This course will help you get the most out of your jointer & planer by helping properly set them and use them safely.


Once your jointer knives become dull they’ll need to be sharpened and replaced. When installing the new knives, they need to be set so they’re parallel to the outfeed table, and are all set at a c ...

Since we’ll be setting the table using test cuts, we’ll start this session by providing you with proper jointer safety techniques. Next, you’ll learn how to perfectly set the outfeed table to el ...

If you want square edges on your jointed material, you’ve got to have the fence set square. We’ll start the set-up process by using a common shop tool, and double check the results by making cuts. ...

You’ll get the best possible cuts on your jointer by feeding your material in the right direction, based on grain direction. In this session, you’ll learn to read the grain. We’ll also cover pro ...

In order to get the most out of your planer it’s important to understand how it works, and how it differs from jointer. You’ll learn how to determine the shortest piece of material you can safely ...

Changing knives on a benchtop planer is fairly simple, but there are tricks that will make it go better for you. There are typically A LOT of bolts holding the knives in place. You’ll see a shortcut ...

You won’t get flat faces on your work if the infeed and outfeed tables aren’t correctly set. Leveling these tables to the planer main table is key to good quality work. It can easily be done using ...

Now that your planing is cutting cleanly and precisely, let’s look at specific planer techniques. In this final session, you’ll learn how to:Establish the proper depth for a first planer passElimi ...

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