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The neuroscience behind cognitive biases, stress and neuroplasticity in your daily life at work


Brief introduction to human brain and its evolution with time explained with the help of Triune Brain model

Play an interesting game to understand how easy it is to trick your brain. In this lecture you will learn about heuristics i.e. mental shortcuts.

You will be able to learn briefly about two systems - System 1 and System 2, which help us in decision making.

In this lecture you will get to know about different types of biases and how they impact our workplace behavior.

This section briefly talks about debiasing tools and techniques along with simple day to day habits that can help you to make rational decisions.

Understand what exactly happens inside our brain when we are stressed. Learn about the hormones that play an important role during stress

Understand how stress affects our workplace behaviour as well as its implications on our own health and well being

Learn some interesting techniques to deal with stress and develop a resilient mind that can help us overcome any stressful situation

This is a bonus video, it talks about Ingroup Outgroup bias through some movie scenes. Hope you have a wonderful experience!!

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