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Yoga self-practice

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Start your home yoga personal practice


An introduction to a our teacher Catalina Mendez and the type of yoga she will be offering in this course.

This course has been created in modules so that it is easy to learn and a lot easier to accommodate into your life. It is fundamental that you memorize the sequences because the transformational power ...

It is fundamental to practice safely and above all listen to your body. This listening ability will fine-tune with the practice itself. Let go of the need to achieve postures, as this derails you from ...

Do you think you know? Well, check it out!:)

When you integrate the practice into your life, it is when you truly experience its power and harvest all the fruits from your dedication. Read the pdf to get an understanding of how to get there!

Yoga is not about stretching. It may involve stretching, which is different. Some of the styles may look like physical activity but it is really a subtle process that transforms you from the inside ou ...

During the yoga practice, we greatly use all our joints. However, our hands and feet do not get enough attention to get strengthened and well lubricated, and often people can potentially get injured o ...

Surya Namaskar or Sun salutations are the usual warm-up sequence in yoga. There are different variations of these. Here you will learn version A from the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Style. Surya Namaskars a ...

This video consists of a sequence of standing postures. It is assumed you have done your Sun Salutations beforehand and hence, you have warmed up. Do not start straight into this sequence if you have ...

The standing postures prepare the body for the seated postures. Make sure you have done the Sun Salutations followed by the standing postures before you do the seated postures, this way you will be pr ...

Back-bends are a very important aspect of your Yoga practice. They activate the circulatory system and help release deep stored emotions. They teach you how to face your fears, how to get gently into ...

GET READYSet up your atmosphere with a candle, oil lamp, or dim lights, and if you wish some incense or essential oils. Make sure you are warm enough. When laying down on the floor, spread yourself li ...

This is a complimentary bonus video for core conditioning. It will help you gain strength in a gradual and gentle way. You can always modify to a more gentle version that suits you. Our core is the ce ...

This conditioning video is a more advanced core program, with which you will also build upper body strength and core balance. Watch the beginner's version to know your level, and if you find it e ...

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