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Remembering Names and Faces 101 FREE

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Forex strategies for algorithmic trading 2022 84.99 €

Technical analysis, Machine Learning, Portfolio and risk management for Forex algo trading. MetaTrader 5 bots included.

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Profit Consistently Trading Stocks & Options 80%+ Win Rate 29.99 €

Consistent Ongoing Profits Swing Trading Stocks & Options Following Effective Strategies

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CATIA V5 : DMU Kinematic 39.99 €

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Cacao Ceremony Pro Course Part 1 & 2 99.99 €

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Applied Machine Learning with Python (Trading) - 2020 84.99 €

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Learn Romanian for Beginners: Master Romanian in 150 Lessons 19.99 €

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Audio Equalization (EQ) Techniques and Tips 29.99 €

Learn how to EQ and use equalizers effectively. Understand the art of EQ and how to equalize musical instruments

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Ultimate Adobe Photoshop CC Masterclass Basics To Advanced 84.99 €

Photoshop Color Image Correction, 3D Effect, Shadow, Blending, Skin Tone Retouching, Masking, Blur Filter, Clipping Path

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Parallel programming Paid Course

With every smartphone and computer now boasting multiple processors, the use of functional ideas to facilitate parallel programming is becoming increasingly widespread. In this course, you'll lea

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