Can a change in environment really change the experience of food and drink?

Can a change in environment really change the experience of food and drink?

World-first scientific experiment reveals changes in environment affects smell, taste and flavour of single malt whisky. But what does this mean for our dining experience in general? Can a change in lighting or music really affect how we experience food and drink?

Change the room, change the taste of your whisky

A Professor from the University of Oxford has conducted a world first scientific experiment and claims to have proven scientifically that a change of environment can enhance the sensory experience of whisky by up to 20%.

Professor Charles Spence, Head of Crossmodal Research in the Department of Experimental Science at Oxford University, found that the participants in his multi-sensory tests would vary ratings of the smell, taste and flavour of the whisky by 10- 20% when tasting exactly the same single malt whisky in different atmospheres.
The study's findings go some way to explaining why a drink tasted at a beach-side restaurant on holiday is never quite the same when you sample the self-same bottle at home.
But more than this, experts are claiming that the study could have exciting implications for people when designing the interior of their homes and for the way pubs, bars and restaurants are designed in the future. Chefs such as Heston Blumenthal are already embracing the potential when working with all the senses to deliver powerful tasting experiences.
So whether you want to change your lighting, put on a special soundtrack or even think about the scents surrounding you - all of these can work to change the smell, taste and flavour of your whisky.

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