Lec 21. Bigger Atoms, Hund's Rules and the Aufbau Principle

Lec 21. Quantum Principles -- Bigger Atoms, Hund's Rules and the Aufbau Principle --
Instructor: A.J. Shaka, Ph.D
Recorded on February 27, 2014.

Index of Topics:
1:22 Closed Shell Atoms
5:12 The Energy of an Atom
7:20 One and Two-Electron Integrals
8:47 Fock's Contribution
13:40 Optimized Orbitals Are Online
14:57 Who Was Roothaan?
18:48 Optimized Orbitals Are Online
22:17 The Most Stable Atom
24:45 Hund's Rules
29:22 The Basis of Rule #1
32:31 The Basis of Rule #2
33:54 The Basis of Rule #3
36:08 Predicting Stability
37:31 Practice Problem 27
39:02 The Aufbau Principle
43:29 The Periodic Table
45:20 A Cautionary Note
48:17 "Fission!"
50:09 Chemical Bonds

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