Applications of psychology - Intro to Psychology

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School Udemy

Stress & Anxiety Management: Psychology - ACCREDITED CERT 124.99 €

Learn how to cope with 'stress' and 'anxieties', know what 'anxiety disorder', learn about therapy & counselling here

University Coursera 133 views

Imagery, Automation, and Applications Paid Course

Welcome to the last course of the specialization (unless your continuing on to the capstone project, of course!). Using the knowledge you’ve learned about ArcGIS, complete technical tasks such rast...

Business Udemy 115 views

lean six sigma white belt: intro to root cause analysis 19.99 €

Start your lean six sigma journey! Learn to apply practical tools such as the PDCA cycle, fishbone diagram, 5S, and more

Software Udemy

Business Applications with Excel and MySQL Database 84.99 €

Deliver high-performing, scalable and robust business-grade applications with Microsoft Excel VBA and MySQL Database

How to Udemy

Enhance your Emotional Intelligence; The Science of Emotions 84.99 €

The Science, Research and Lessons, on Emotions, and Social Skills, for Leaders, Managers & everyone else!

Software Udemy 107 views

Excel in Microsoft Excel 3: Pivot Tables Intro & Masterclass 84.99 €

Create data analysis in Excel using Pivot Tables with just a few clicks, together with summary Pivot Charts. Exam 70-779

How to Udemy

Acting, pantomime, physical theater, practical psychology 64.99 €

The ABC of the body, body language and why you need it. Cognition of your body through the basics of the pantomime.

Computer science Udemy

Blockchain For Beginners: Learning Blockchain Applications 84.99 €

Learn quick and effective techniques to get up and running with building blockchain applications.

School Udemy

PID Controllers - Intro to Control Design 84.99 €

Learn to write your own control software while learning fundamental control theory.

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