Normal distribution - Intro to Psychology

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Digitalisation in Space Research Paid Course

This course provides an overview of the most important digital applications in the field of aerospace research. The course instructors discuss how digitalisation is impacting and changing both satelli

University Coursera

Anatomy: Musculoskeletal and Integumentary Systems Paid Course

In this anatomy course, part of the Anatomy Specialization, you will learn how the components of the integumentary system help protect our body (epidermis, dermis, hair, nails, and glands), and how th

University Coursera

Advanced Trading Algorithms Paid Course

This course will provide back test results for all the strategies in developed and emerging markets. The learner will also be taught scientific ways of back testing without succumbing to either look a

University Coursera

Digital Information Literacy Paid Course

A Digital Artifact is an object that represents one’s learning. In today’s changing educational landscape, more courses call for a visual item as opposed to a “traditional” assignment or proje...

University Coursera

Egypt before and after pharaohs. FREE

History of Ancient Egypt. Before and after the Pharaohs: From the birth of the State (c. 3000 BCE) to the early Christian communities (4th century CE).

University Coursera

Political Economy of Institutions and Development FREE

This course is part of the SDG initiative addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals, specifically for the following SDGs [1, 8, 10 and 16]. We hope you will join in our efforts to reach the SDG

University Coursera

European Business Law: Doing Business in Europe Paid Course

This six-week course titled Doing Business in Europe is the second in a series of three exploring some of the main business aspects of European Union law. Besides providing learners with a sound knowl

University Coursera

Assessment for Learning FREE

For several decades now, assessment has become an increasingly pressing educational priority. Teacher and school accountability systems have come to be based on analysis of large-scale, standardized s

University Coursera

Communication theory: bridging academia and practice Paid Course

Online classes are created to tell about principal theories of interaction sphere and its realistic administration. Our course is targeted at academical access, methods of investigation, actual cases,

University Coursera

Intellectual Property Law in Digital Age Paid Course

A unique course will help students to get a comprehensive legal education in the field of intellectual property in a fairly short time. The objective of the course is to be as practice-oriented as pos

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