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Intro to the Art of Destiny Analysis in Chinese Metaphysics 84.99 €

The Ancient Methods in Chinese Metaphysics in Reading a Person's Destiny

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Design Whitepapers and Pitch Decks w/ Canva FREE

Some more Design Fundementals w/ Canva

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Intro to Inferential Statistics FREE

Inferential statistics allows us to draw conclusions from data that might not be immediately obvious. This course focuses on enhancing your ability to develop hypotheses and use common tests such as t

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Become A Web Designer In Just 90 Minutes 49.99 €

Learn Dreamweaver and use it to create amazing website designs for design contests. No coding needed.

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Master Data Analysis with Python - Intro to Pandas FREE

Begin your data analysis journey with Python by mastering the fundamentals of the pandas library

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Introduction to Psychology FREE

What are people most afraid of? What do our dreams mean? Are we natural-born racists? What makes us happy? What are the causes and cures of mental illness? This course tries to answer these questions

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Intro to Statistics FREE

Statistics is about extracting meaning from data. In this class, we will introduce techniques for visualizing relationships in data and systematic techniques for understanding the relationships using

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Physics: Intro to Electricity & Magnetism FREE

A fun and easy way to boost your physics grades

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Mind Control: Managing Your Mental Health During COVID-19 FREE

Never in the history of humanity have so many people been feeling intense anxiety related to COVID-19 and the world it will leave in its wake. The intent of this course is to give you a deeper unders

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