Two reasons people take drugs - Intro to Psychology

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Golang: Intro to REST API JWT auth with Go programming lang 19.99 €

Golang: Intro to JWT Auth with Golang (Go programming language)

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Child Psychology Learning And Development 84.99 €

How children learn, Effective child development strategies, Strategies to promote early childhood etc.

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GOODS AND SERVICES TAX (GST)- Intro, Levy, ITC, Reg., Return 34.99 €

Understanding GST through Q & A making it "Good and Simple Tax"

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Dealing with Difficult People 54.99 €

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How to use Attraction Marketing strategy using Facebook to grow your business online.

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Brand & UX Design: Intro to User Experience for Brands 64.99 €

Learn How User Experience Design and Branding Work Together

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5 breathing technique for people recovered from Covid 24.99 €

Designed by someone experienced breathing difficulties due to Covid: Psychic breahing, yogic breathing, brain cleaning

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Explaining AI and ML Models to Business People 49.99 €

The science and art of communicating with non-technical stakeholders in AI projects

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Basics of Acrylic Painting for Crafty People 19.99 €

Easy, Awesome DIY Art Projects - Illustrations & Still Lifes & Portraits & Landscapes & Bonus Drawing Tips

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Develop the Habits of Extremely Successful People in 4 Weeks 84.99 €

Daily Success Rituals : Productivity Hacking Program to Improve Time Management and Morning Ritual Mastery

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