Reflexes - Intro to Psychology

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Stanford Psychology of Addiction and Recovery Paid Course

Learn about approaches to addiction and the evolution of recovery theories and strategies over 6 weeks.

School Udemy

Introduction to Criminal Psychology 79.99 €

Understand the Forensic Psychology of the Criminal Mind

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INTRO to Grammar Logic: Part 2 69.99 €

BUSINESS ENGLISH for Professionals

University Coursera

Logotherapy: Concept of the Human Being Paid Course

The main aim of the course is to provide you with insights into the logotherapeutic approach to psychotherapeutic practice and the practice of living one’s life; to teach you the main concepts of lo...

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CatBoost vs XGBoost - Quick Intro and Modeling Basics FREE

Learn how to use CatBoost for Classification and Regression with Python and how it compares to XGBoost

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Psychology and time management: increase the productivity. 84.99 €

12 courses in 1 - Learn drawing, psychology, time management, personal productivity, coaching, psychoterapy, and more.

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Avatar Psychology for Designers Paid Course

This course covers the latest and greatest psychological research on avatars and is relevant to current and future designers of any medium that includes user self-representations (e.g., video games, v

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Color Psychology for Web/UX/UI/App Designers 19.99 €

Influence the behavior of your website visitors and improve user experience and conversion rates using colors.

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Intro to Django for Web Development - A Crash Course 19.99 €

Learn Admin Panel, Django Models, Django Views, Best Practices, Function Based Views, Todo App, INTERVIEW QUESTIONS

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Vue.js for Beginners: Up and Running with Vue FREE

A beginner's guide to learn the basics of the JavaScript Framework Vue.js

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