Looking back on ABCs in our environment - Intro to Psychology

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Consumer Psychology For Business 84.99 €

How to Market your product at almost no cost by making small changes all around you.

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Postman - Intro to APIs (without coding) Paid Course

We use APIs everyday - when we check the news, when we log into online service - because APIs are used by many companies as a way to interact with their product or service. Being able understand and s

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Intro to Theoretical Computer Science FREE

This class teaches you about basic concepts in theoretical computer science -- such as NP-completeness -- and what they imply for solving tough algorithmic problems.At the end of this course, you will

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7. Positive Psychology Practitioner Certificate [Level 1] 84.99 €

Prerequisite for PP Coach [Level 2]. AND One of the Nine Prerequisites Required for Positive Psychology Master Coach

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E-Commerce Psychology 19.99 €

Increase your eCommerce success by predicting and conditioning the behavior of your online customers.

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Positive Thinking' A Psychology of Happiness 64.99 €

Psychology Of Happiness; Increase Happiness Through Positive Psychology; Learn Positive Thinking Skills

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Intro to Maya 3D Animation for Beginners 84.99 €

Introduction to Autodesk Maya! Learn modeling, animation, rigging, texturing, materials, rendering, lighting & dynamics

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Alleviate Upper Back and Neck Pain with Tai Chi & QiGong 29.99 €

Learn essential Tai Chi, QiGong, and Mind-Body techniques to relieve, end & prevent upper back pain & other conditions

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Psychology 101: Why We Think, Feel, and Act the Way We do 84.99 €

Psychology Principles: Learn how the human mind works and how you can use the power of your mind to your advantage

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