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School Udemy

History of Psychology - Foundations, Perspectives & Systems 84.99 €

A historical account of theoretical formulations and influential systems in psychology. (Certificate of Completion)

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3ds Max Mastery in 7 Hrs: Project Based Intro for Beginners 84.99 €

Use 3ds Max to follow along with these diverse 3d projects and finish with a strong knowledge of 3d software and tools

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PayPerCall Academy's Intro To Pay Per Call Marketing 19.99 €

Learn The Basics On How To Setup and Run a Successful Pay Per Call Marketing Business.

Music Udemy

How to "TAB" - Intro to Transcribing (using Guitar Pro 7.5) 19.99 €

a step by step tutorial for learning to "TAB" guitar music ... (using Guitar Pro 7.5)

Spare time Udemy

Learn The Secrets Of Therapeutic Conversational Hypnosis 94.99 €

Learn How To Do Covert Hypnosis | Learn Advanced Hypnotherapy Techniques | How To Do Indirect Hypnosis

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HVAC systems Intro : Start Here you HVAC Career here ! FREE

HVAC systems explained in a simplistic Manner for HVAC professionals

Computer science Udacity 310 views

Intro to Programming Nanodegree Preview FREE

This is a free preview of our Intro to Programming Nanodegree program! The program is your first step towards careers in Web and App Development, Machine Learning, Data Science, AI, and more! This pro

Computer science Udemy 109 views

Web Development Introduction 64.99 €

Intro to a modern web development workflow using Gulp, Node, npm, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, Vue, React and more.

How to Udemy

Art Therapy Course Certificate and Diploma Course 19.99 €

Art Therapy Education: CERTİFİED Education

Business Coursera

Survey Data Collection and Analytics Project (Capstone) Paid Course

The Capstone Project offers qualified learners to the opportunity to apply their knowledge by analyzing and comparing multiple data sources on the same topic. Students will develop a research question

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