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How to Udemy

Science of Success: An intro course in happiness 84.99 €

Help kids thrive in our stressed-out world with proven tools from Positive Psychology.

Design Udemy

Intro to Photoshop for Merch by Amazon 24.99 €

Learn the Basics of Photoshop to Create your first Merch Shirt

Computer science Udemy 127 views

Intro to Airplane Physics in Unity 3D - 2017 & 2018 84.99 €

Learn how to build your very own Custom Airplane Physics with Unity & C#

Health & Wellness Udemy

Applied Sport Psychology and Leadership in Sport 84.99 €

Enhance your knowledge of sport psychology from an athlete or coach perspective with this comprehensive applied course.

Business Udemy

A MANAGER’S GUIDE: Work Responsibilities and Psychology 34.99 €

A guide to the issues faced by managers and the responsibilities which they must master.

Computer science Udacity 363 views

Intro Algebra Review FREE

This course provides a brief review of introductory algebra topics. Topics to be covered include integer operations, order of operations, perimeter and area, fractions and decimals, scientific notatio

Business Udemy

Down To Business: Business Management From the First Step 24.99 €

Learn how to plan, organize, lead, and monitor people and teams to take your business to the next level.

Computer science Udemy

156-215.77 Check Point Security Featuring GAiA R77 Exam 84.99 €

Attend this 156-215.77 Check Point Security Featuring GAiA R77 Exam will get a Good Score 80% on Main Exam

Computer science Coursera

Intro to Operating Systems 2: Memory Management Paid Course

Learn the inner workings of operating systems without installing anything! This course is designed for learners who are looking to maximize performance by understanding how operating systems work at

University Coursera

Gut Check: Exploring Your Microbiome FREE

Imagine if there were an organ in your body that weighed as much as your brain, that affected your health, your weight, and even your behavior. Wouldn’t you want to know more about it? There is such...

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