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Intro to Excel Macros Part 1 49.99 €

This course explains step-by-step process of creating and using macros—one of Excel’s most powerful features.

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Learn How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Business - 2021 19.99 €

Learn to navigate Instagram and the 5 places to add content to increase reach.

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Landing Page Fundamentals, Buyer Psychology, and Conversion 84.99 €

Use Proven Landing Page Strategies, Psychological Principles, and Copywriting Secrets To Increase Conversions and Profit

Computer science Udacity 430 views

Intro to Data Science FREE

The Introduction to Data Science class will survey the foundational topics in data science, namely: Data Manipulation Data Analysis with Statistics and Machine Learning Data Communication with Info

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Intro to Zero Waste Living FREE

Understanding the 5 key principles of waste reduction

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The trading psychology YOU need to become a proftable trader 29.99 €

Trading psychology. All the secrets of being a successful trader are clearly mentioned in this course

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ComputerCavalry: Slow Computer Repair and PC Maintenance 24.99 €

Is your computer run slow? Take this course and learn how to speed up a slow computer!

School Udemy

Advanced Level Psychology - ACCREDITED CERTIFICATE 84.99 €

Psychology skills, Applied Social & Cognitive Psychology, Child Development, Research Methods, academic online study

University Coursera

The Psychology of Thrill Seekers Paid Course

Sensation seeking is a trait we all have and includes the search for complex and new experiences. Thrill Seekers, people with high-sensation seeking personalities, crave exotic and intense experiences

School Udemy

Relationship Psychology: How to Analyse People You Date 84.99 €

ACCREDITED CERTIFIED course: dating behaviour & relationship psychology. Learn control & narcissism, values & red flags

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