Least likely for an emotional response - Intro to Psychology

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Make Your Pick-Ups Look Cool in Unity (Intro to Animation 1) Paid Course

In this two-hour, project-based course, we introduce Unity's powerful animation tool. You'll learn about different animations and effects that you can apply to pick-up objects to make them m

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Intro to C# Programming and Scripting for Games in Unity 19.99 €

Learn the principle fundamentals of scripting and coding with the C# language for games inside of Unity!

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EFT Tapping 5 - Emotional and Spiritual Healing with EFT 84.99 €

Learn how to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to tap away various emotional pains.

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Mindfulness; Emotional Intelligence Based Anxiety Management 44.99 €

Mindfulness, Sleep, Anxiety, and Anxiety Management Tools Course; Overcome Anxiety

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Innovation - Intro into methods, tools, & working principles FREE

Understand creativity as a learnable skill & learn 9 simple working principles to boost your productivity & outcomes

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Intro. to Integrated Corporate Sustainability Reporting 24.99 €

This course serves as an introduction to integrated corporate sustainability reporting.

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Acupressure for Physical, Mental and Emotional Health 84.99 €

Learn specific Acupressure Point Combinations to defuse feelings such as: Fear, Anxiety, Panic, Self Doubt and much more

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Golang: Intro to REST API JWT auth with Go programming lang 19.99 €

Golang: Intro to JWT Auth with Golang (Go programming language)

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