The Science of Global Health Implementation - Trailer video

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Teaching EFL/ESL Reading: A Task Based Approach FREE

This course explores ways of teaching reading skills in English as Second and Foreign Language (ESL/EFL) using a task-based approach. You will be introduced to the concept of task and the key principl

University Coursera

Employment Contracts Paid Course

The employment relationship is one of the foundations upon which modern society and the greater economy is built, but the nature of this relationship can be both complex and confusing. This course see

University Coursera

Journey of the Universe: The Unfolding of Life Paid Course

Journey of the Universe weaves together the discoveries of the evolutionary sciences together with humanities such as history, philosophy, art, and religion. The course draws on the Emmy-award winnin

University Coursera

Earth Economics FREE

After this course you will be an Earth Economist that can provide evidence-based advise on the best global policy. As an Earth Economist you will better understand the behavior and advice of economist

University Coursera

Philosophy, Science and Religion: Science and Philosophy FREE

Philosophy, Science and Religion mark three of the most fundamental modes of thinking about the world and our place in it. Are these modes incompatible? Put another way: is the intellectually responsi

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Economic Growth and Distributive Justice Part I - The Role of the State Paid Course

If you really care about the big questions in the economies and societies of the 21st century, such as distributive justice - namely, inequality of income or wealth, and its correlation with economic

University Coursera

Optimization Methods in Asset Management Paid Course

This course focuses on applications of optimization methods in portfolio construction and risk management. The first module discusses portfolio construction via Mean-Variance Analysis and Capital Asse

University Coursera

Renewable Energy: Resources and Technologies Paid Course

In our course, you will become familiar with the basic concepts of renewable energy. Get an idea about the basics of determining the potential of renewable energy resources, including its territorial,

University Coursera

Speaking and Presenting: Tact Paid Course

To be an effective speaker you don’t need to overwhelm people with your intellect. You don’t need to dazzle them from start to finish. You simply need to give them the sense that what they are rec...

University Coursera

ICT in Primary Education: Transforming children's learning across the curriculum FREE

Why and how are teachers integrating ICT (Information and Communication Technology) into primary education? In this course we analyse examples from schools in different parts of the world, and bring p

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