Fair Wage Strategies in a Global Economy

Billions of workers around the world have no regular income or do not even earn a wage sufficient to live a decent life. Over the last decade, wages for many workers have been stagnant and the largest...

Iversity 1 lessons 536 views

International Labour Standards: How to Use Them

Workers’ Rights are Human Rights. International Labour Standards are designed to provide minimum levels of protection every worker should enjoy. They serve as safeguards against exploitative and dan...

Iversity 1 lessons 330 views

Human modeling with cinema 4D

Video tutorials on how to model human realized by http://pepock.free.fr

Pepock 9 lessons 39,006 views

Fish modeling with cinema 4D

Video tutorials realized by http://pepock.free.fr

Pepock 2 lessons 9,799 views

Math 1A/1B. Pre-Calculus: Exponentials and Logarithms - UCI

This open course provides the student with review of intermediate algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. It is designed for those want to be successful in an introductory college calculus course, but wo...

UCIopen 9 lessons 3,365 views

General Chemistry - UCI

1A is the first quarter of General Chemistry and covers the following topics: atomic structure; general properties of the elements; covalent, ionic, and metallic bonding; intermolecular forces; mass r...

UCIopen 66 lessons 50,270 views

Learn to Speak Nepali - The Basics

Pronunciation, glossary, theory, and sentences - with a native speaker from Nepal.

Udemy 14 lessons

Transfer VHS to computer

TechnoEsq.com tutorial on how to use the Neuros to transfer VHS tapes to your computer the easy way.

Finis33 1 lessons 2,627 views

Chemistry (Course 1 of 4) An Inquiry-Based Approach

Learn Chemistry Like a Scientist. Course 1: The Fundamentals.

Udemy 5 lessons

D.C. Machine as Generator and Motor

Torque and speed control methods for D.C.Machine

Udemy 7 lessons

Correlated course

Business Udemy

Paperback Publishing on Amazon KDP ( Formerly CreateSpace ) 89.99 €

A Step-By-Step Guide to Self-Publishing a Paperback Book on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Print

Computer science Udemy

Master Google Analytics | A Step-by-Step Guide for 2021 24.99 €

Master Google Analytics | A Step-by-Step Guide for 2021

Spare time Udemy

Draw Portraits Like An Artist Goddess In Six Sessions, Relax 19.99 €

Overcome all "I can´t draw - moments" and unleash your unique portrait style instead!

Music Udemy

Audio Engineering: All About EQ 49.99 €

learn all you need to efficiently use EQ in recording and mixing

Business Udemy

Talent Management: Find & promote the best new leaders 74.99 €

Lions don't need assessment centers - identify, develop & promote the best talents using success methods from wildlife

Software Udemy

Microsoft Excel - Learn Quickly (Hindi + English) 19.99 €

A Guide for Beginners to Pro (Dual Language)

Computer science Udemy

Introduction to iOS Game Development with SpriteKit & Swift 84.99 €

Develop your first iOS game using the SpriteKit framework and Swift. A Jump'N'Run with countless awesome features!

Software Udemy

SaaS concepts with explanations 19.99 €

SaaS latest practice tests with explanations for each test

Business Udemy

HR Data Fundamentals FREE

Discover the building blocks of HR data analytics and use them to help your organization thrive & make better decisions.

Internet Udemy

Marketing Management & Online Business: The Complete Course 84.99 €

Learn How to Launch a Business Without Spending a Dime & Everything You Must Know To Succeed in Business Management

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