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Health & Wellness Udemy

Yoga Bites -20 Mini Workouts For Healthy Posture & Alignment 19.99 €

Twenty Bite Size Yoga Workouts To Get You Through The Day - Practice Anywhere, Anytime That Suits Your Day

Computer science Udemy

NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib in Python using Amazon SageMaker 19.99 €

Learn Python using AWS Sagemaker and build Real World Projects

Spare time Udemy

Transform Your Space with Color 49.99 €

How to Design Your Best Home Using Feng Shui Inspired Design

Computer science Udemy

Fundamentals of Go | Learn GoLang Programming Language 49.99 €

If you’re ready to buckle down and learn Go Programming here’s where you should start.

Health & Wellness Udemy

Learn Acro Yoga From Scratch in 45 Minutes! 34.99 €

Experience The Most Beautiful and Intense Form of Yoga Today!

Computer science Udemy

Exam CAP Certified Authorization Professional Cert Tests 19.99 €

Get Exam Preparation for CAP Certified Authorization Professional certification exam

Computer science Udemy

Easy Website Design with Google Sites FREE

An easy approach to develop your first website

Computer science Udemy

Learn to build Simple game with Unity 19.99 €

Learn how to build simple game with Unity

Business Coursera

Leadership Communication for Maximum Impact: Storytelling Paid Course

Storytelling is an essential part of leadership. Effective leaders communicate to inspire talent to excel; to partner with investors and communities; to engage with customers and clients and to grow

Health & Wellness Udemy

Lunar Yoga - Moon Cycle Yoga for Women 39.99 €

Yoga to set intentions and connect to the rhythms of nature

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