Food Ordering App in Android Studio -Figma to Android Studio
24.99 €

Convert Figma Design to Android App in Android Studio

Udemy 9 lessons

Android App Development: Mobile App Development & Java
84.99 €

Android App Development & Java Programming: Mobile App Development & Design, Build Android Apps, Android 5 & Lollipop

Udemy 29 lessons 184 views

No-Code Business App (Cash/Credit)
19.99 €

Build Your App in Just One Course! (App Design For The Rest Of Us)

Udemy 18 lessons

Android App Development,Hotel Booking App with API Integrate
19.99 €

Android App Development for Beginners ,Create Hotel Room Booking App even if you are new in coding

Udemy 6 lessons

Introduction to App Development & Game Development
19.99 €

Best way to understand the fundamentals of App & Game Development

Udemy 6 lessons

Android Development: Android App Development From Scratch
84.99 €

Learn java, android, android studio, android development and android app development with Android 11, become a developer

Udemy 136 lessons 435 views

Android Development: Android App Development From Scratch
19.99 €

Learn java, android, android studio, android development and android app development with Android 11, become a developer

Udemy 34 lessons 210 views

Wordpress to App - Turn Your Website Into an Android App
84.99 €

Flash course! Learn how to turn your Wordpress (or non-Wordpress) website into a downloadable ANDROID app by tomorrow.

Udemy 25 lessons 350 views

Mobile App Marketing at No Cost - Growth Hacking Approach

App Store Optimization (ASO), AppStore SEO, App Downloads & Hacks, iOS / Android / WP / Indie Development

Udemy 43 lessons 202 views

Mobile App Design in Photoshop From Scratch: Design Uber App
24.99 €

Learn Complete UI/UX design by Photoshop from Scratch and Design Uber app from Scratch

Udemy 33 lessons

Correlated course

Computer science Coursera 110 views

API Testing with Karate Framework Paid Course

Karate is an open-source framework for API Test automation that uses BDD style syntax, has a rich assertion library, built-in HTML reports. In this 2-hour long project-based course, you will learn -

How to Udemy

CERTIFIED: Improve your psychic abilities and intuition 49.99 €

Discover your divine gifts and your true potential

Business Coursera

Career Total Fitness Annual Retreat Paid Course

In the business world, modern organizations conduct corporate retreats on a regular basis to consider their strategic direction, review progress, and set up goals and objectives for the year. In this

Computer science Udemy

Web Application Hacking 101 19.99 €

Learn the art of Application Hacking to safeguard your application from being hacked. Build to be an Ethical Hacker!!

Computer science Udemy

Local Development Environments for Web Design FREE

How to install and configure a local dev environment using LAMP stacks.

Computer science Coursera

Simple NEWS Reader Android Application Using okhttp Paid Course

At the end of this project we will create a simple NEWS reader application. We are going to use okhttp to fetch JSON data from a NEWS API, we are going to parse the data and show them in a recyclervie

Computer science Coursera 103 views

Configuring Python Extension Pack with Visual Studio Code Paid Course

In this 1.5 hours guided project, you will learn how to install, configure and use the Python extension pack and related extensions in Visual Studio Code. At the end of the class, you will be familiar

Computer science Udemy

Email Development for Email Marketing and Enthusiasts 44.99 €

Learn email coding basics as a part of the whole email creation process

Business Udemy

Leverage Law of Attraction for 6-Figure Business Development 84.99 €

For Women in Business: Combine the magic of Law of Attraction with practical strategies to create your 6-figure income.

Computer science Coursera

Create Jumping Mechanics with C# in Unity Paid Course

In this one-hour, project-based course, you'll learn how to use Unity's Physics Engine to implement different jumping mechanics such as single- and double-jumps. You'll learn how to app

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