MIT SA+P Entrepreneurship in Architecture, Planning and Real Estate
Paid Course

Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset? Use it to find solutions for environmental and social issues in urban communities.

GetSmarter Podcast

What is Enterprise Architecture, and why do we need it?
54.99 €

A simple and straightforward introduction explaining what Enterprise Architecture is, from a leading EA expert

Udemy 21 lessons

Architecture Planning of 4000 sqmt Luxurious Bungalow
19.99 €

Learn how to do Architectural Planning, Interior design of Luxurious Bungalow and Client Presentation all in one place!

Udemy 9 lessons

Learn Architecture Rendering in Photoshop ( Collage Style )
34.99 €

Learn the foundational Photoshop skills to create effective architectural visual representations in the collage style

Udemy 17 lessons

Complete Android Jetpack Bootcamp(With Jetpack Compose)2022
84.99 €

Android Development with Jetpack, MVVM Clean Architecture, Compose, UnitTesting, Dagger/Hilt, Retrofit, Room, Coroutines

Udemy 178 lessons 101 views

E20-005 Backup Recovery Systems and Architecture Exam
84.99 €

200+ Unique Questions and Answers in E20-005 Backup Recovery Systems and Architecture Exam

Udemy Podcast

Mobile Development Architecture
19.99 €

Native Apps, Web Apps, Progressive Web Apps, Hybrid Apps, Web-Native Apps or Cross-Compiled Apps. Learn how to choose

Udemy 16 lessons

Microservices Architecture - The Complete Guide
84.99 €

Become an expert in the most popular Software Architecture style in the world!

Udemy 90 lessons 182 views

Indian Temple Architecture
24.99 €

A study on the temples of India

Udemy 16 lessons

Correlated course

University Udacity 2459 views

Software Architecture & Design FREE

Software Architecture and Design teaches the principles and concepts involved in the analysis and design of large software systems. This course is split into four sections: (1) Introduction, (2) UML a

Internet Udemy

Earn Cash Flow Without Investment FREE

How to Earn Cash Flow Without Investment.

University Coursera

Stochastic processes Paid Course

This course is aimed at the students with any quantitative background, such as — Pure and applied mathematics — Engineering — Economics — Finance and other related fields. The present co...

Business Udemy

How to maximize SALES: ecommerce, direct sales and marketing 24.99 €

Complete guide for sales maximization (strategies for direct sales, ecommerce, negotiations and marketing). Great value.

School Udemy

Anti-Trafficking 101 + Allied Issues & Laws - Trafficking FREE

This course will enable the readers empower on the topics of Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence & Abuse against Women

Computer science Udemy

Android App Development - Build a Calculator App 84.99 €

Learn Android App Development by building a complete Calculator App using Android Studio and Java

Business Udemy

Trading Secrets Revealed: My 2 HR/Day Strategies & Tactics 84.99 €

1st Course in the Market - Using A Combination of 2 Trading Platform 2 Methods 2 Hours- Focusing only on Pattern Trading

Internet Udemy

Landing Page Design & Optimization - build pages that work! 84.99 €

Learn the fine art of conversion rate optimization and making killer landing pages. Convert, succeed, win!

Health & Wellness Udemy

The Gentleman's Guide: Attract More on the Dance Floor 34.99 €

The complete beginner's guide for men aged 25+ who want to dance better and attract more in just three days

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