Canva for Beginners - Learn How to Design Images Using Canva
19.99 €

Learn How to Design Social Media Images and Presentations for Your Business in this 1 Hour Course

Udemy 7 lessons

Learn Canva in Under 2 Hours - Canva for Beginners
19.99 €

Learn Canva's Essentials for Graphic Design, Digital Design and Social Media Design

Udemy 20 lessons

Canva Flat Design Masterclass: Guide To Flat Design In Canva
19.99 €

This in depth class will break down everything that you will need to start making flat design graphic art today!

Udemy 21 lessons

Canva for Beginners: Learn the Basics of Canva
19.99 €

Discover the tools, features and elements within Canva to help you become a better designer.

Udemy 9 lessons

Getting Started with Canva - Canva for Beginners
19.99 €

Get started with this beginners guide to using Canva for graphic design, social media, infographics & much more!

Udemy 15 lessons

Canva Master Course | Use Canva to Grow your Business

Learn to design Free, Professional Quality Graphic Designs & Videos Quickly with Canva 3.0.

Udemy 20 lessons

Learn Canva: Make Money From Canva: More than 2 Courses in 1

In the First Part, Create Awesome Designs In Canva, in the Part 2, Start Freelancing Using Canva. Contributor on Canva

Udemy 17 lessons

Canva for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide to Canva Designs
84.99 €

Canva for Beginners, Canva Graphic Design, The A-Z of Canva, Canva Templates, Canva Complete Tutorial for Beginners

Udemy 16 lessons

Design Professional Content on LinkedIn | Canva Tutorial

Tell Your Company or Yourself on LinkedIn with Graphic Designs Using Canva | Manage Your Company's LinkedIn Account

Udemy 19 lessons

Basics Of Stop Motion Animation Using Canva And OpenShot
19.99 €

A Guide to creating basic stop motion animations in Canva And OpenShot

Udemy 7 lessons

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