The first Complete Dogecoin Course - Everything about DOGE
24.99 €

Dogecoin - NOT Just a Meme Coin! A fun way to learn about blockchain, Buy/Sell, Dogecoin Wallets, Mining and Full Nodes

Udemy 33 lessons

Online Course Creation: The ULTIMATE Super-Easy, Fast System
59.99 €

Discover A Simple, Step-By-Step System To Create Online Courses To Help You Generate Passive Income From What You Know

Udemy 27 lessons

Foundation Course Of FOREX Trading ( The Complete Course )
84.99 €

Learn To Trade The FOREX Market by The Trading Firm CEO. Inc: Technical Analysis, Candlesticks, Live Trading + Much more

Udemy 72 lessons

19.99 €

Digital Marketing In Easy Language - Tactics Used By Top Online Brands (Course In Hindi Language)

Udemy 32 lessons

Advanced Training Course in Science Journalism 2.0
49.99 €

Learn modern tools and techniques for writing great science stories, build strategies to promote your write-up

Udemy 34 lessons

Mini Course - iPhone Face ID Repair Course
19.99 €

All about Face ID You Want to Know

Udemy 9 lessons

Beginners Stitching Course (Basic Indian Sewing Course)
19.99 €

step by step guide to know basic stitching for beginners to start learning tailoring

Udemy 18 lessons

Adobe Lightroom CC Course: The only course you ever need!
19.99 €

Learn how to create amazing photos with Adobe Lightroom CC with detailed explanation. With Lightroom CC 2022 updates!

Udemy 33 lessons

Microsoft Excel Complete Course | All in one MS Excel Course
29.99 €

Basic to Advanced Level Microsoft Excel Training Course | A Complete Guide to MS Excel

Udemy 55 lessons

SaaS Marketing for Dummies (Strategy, How-to and Metrics)
19.99 €

SaaS Fundamentals | Pricing | Metrics | User Acquisition Strategies | Email Marketing | Onboarding and Retention

Udemy 20 lessons

Correlated course

Music Udemy

Pro Tools Quick Start Crash Course (Premium Course) 84.99 €

Learn Exactly What You Need To Know to Master Pro Tools In 90 Minutes

Internet Udemy

Email Marketing Course 49.99 €

Grow an Additional 20 – 30% Profit to Your Own Business or Client’s Business using Emails

Internet Udemy

Digital Marketing Course 2022: Be a Digital Marketing Nomad 84.99 €

Learn Digital Marketing, Copywriting, Ads, SEO, Video Creation. Become a Digital Marketing Nomad. Freelance and Travel.

Design Udemy

Photoshop CC for Beginners: An Essentials Course 39.99 €

Learn to use Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 (with 2019 updates) to quickly and confidently start editing images

Computer science Udemy

Learn Microsoft Windows 10 the Easy Way for Beginners 74.99 €

​Learn the essential features of Windows 10 during this 7+ hour course

How to Udemy

Time Management Mastery Course - Enhanced Productivity FREE

A Scientific Approach Behind Time Management - Time Management Has Never Been Easier - Time Management Mastery Course

Computer science Udemy

Bash Scripting 1-Hour Crash Course: Write Scripts Today! 84.99 €

Quick shell scripting introduction for complete beginners. Automate tasks, add pipes and more. Step by step fasttrack.

Business Udemy

Self Evaluation Assignment course for HR (0-10Yrs Exp) India 19.99 €

40 Min self evaluation course will help us in understanding, Where we stand in terms of practical knowledge & skills

Spare time Udemy

The Figurative Drawing Course: The Legs- Anatomy to Drawing 19.99 €

learn to draw realistic legs, In this course we will study the anatomy of the legs focused for artists

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