Herbalism : Herbs For Dogs
19.99 €

Learn All About Which Herbs Are Healthy For Your Dog & How To Use Them

Udemy 24 lessons

Rock Your Dog's Diet Crash Course
19.99 €

"Must-Know" Canine Nutrition Tips and Strategies to Raise a Healthy, Happy Dog

Udemy 5 lessons

Neonatal and pediatric emergencies in dogs and cats (vet)
69.99 €

Everything you need to know to treat canine and feline neonatal patients with confidence

Udemy 6 lessons

Common Behavior Topics in Senior Dogs and Cats
34.99 €

How old age affects the behavior of dogs and cats due to different reason

Udemy 26 lessons

Bark & Kraft : Games For Dogs
19.99 €

Fun Games To Play With Your Pets

Udemy 5 lessons

Vector Illustration 1: Drawing Dogs & Animals
49.99 €

Illustrating Dogs & Animals with Vector Software

Udemy 8 lessons

Dogs in Movies
39.99 €

Learn to manage dogs for movies

Udemy 15 lessons

Electrostimulation Course - Physiotherapy in Dogs
74.99 €

Complete course of Electrotherapy, Electroacupuncture and Electrostimulation in the Dog - Electrodes in the canine

Udemy 70 lessons 172 views

How To Draw Dogs Vol 3 - Labrador, German Shepherd & Spaniel
29.99 €

Learn to Draw 3 stunning Dog Portraits by following Colin's step by step videos. Draw with this easy to learn art medium

Udemy 13 lessons

Dog Training - How to Work With Aggressive Dogs.
84.99 €

A start to finish view into the rehabilitation of four aggressive dogs.

Udemy 31 lessons

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