Excel 101 - Excel yourself! Excel Fundamentals. Basic Excel.
19.99 €

Kick-start your new career with the foundations of Excel and some of the more advanced formulas later on.

Udemy 67 lessons

Microsoft Excel Beginner & Intermediate Training w/ Projects
84.99 €

A Beginners and Intermediate Guide to Using Microsoft Excel in the Real World

Udemy 96 lessons

Microsoft Excel: Learn Excel from Scratch with Formulas
84.99 €

Learn Excel with my Excel course and find Office 365, Excel Online and Google Sheets' useful examples in this course

Udemy 46 lessons

Microsoft Excel -Basic Excel/ Advanced Excel Formulas
79.99 €

Learn more than 80+ Excel function/Excel formulas/Excel tips for Excel 2007 to Excel 2019 with Excel examples

Udemy 33 lessons

MS Excel with Python: Beginner to Advanced Operations
19.99 €

Become a Pythonista and Excel Wizard after completing this course

Udemy 30 lessons

Microsoft Excel Formulas and Functions - Step by Step
84.99 €

Master Excel formulas & functions with Microsoft Excel instructor Richard Walters. Suitable for all versions of Excel.

Udemy 27 lessons

Microsoft Excel - Advanced Excel Tricks that Impress
74.99 €

The secret Excel magic tricks used by the power users

Udemy 79 lessons

Excel VBA | 100+ Excel Formulas | Tips &Trick| HTML, CSS, JS
19.99 €

You will Learn Excel VBA, 100+ Excel Formulas, 30+ Excel Tips & Tricks and HTML, CSS, JS from scratch

Udemy 75 lessons

Excel Macros and VBA: Automate Your Excel Workload
49.99 €

Learn how to use the power of Excel Macros and VBA to automate and reduce you Excel workload to almost nothing!

Udemy 16 lessons

Microsoft Excel Macros - Excel and VBA Advanced
84.99 €

Learn from beginners level to Expert level, automate your reports, animate your charts, format your reports and charts

Udemy 81 lessons

Correlated course

Software Udemy

MS Excel - Preparing an Advanced Sales Dashboard 84.99 €

Learn Data Formulas and Formatting, Macro, Sigma Analysis, Pivot, Trend Analysis, Montecarlo Simulation and Null Matrix

Computer science Udemy

Data Management and Analysis with Advance Excel 19.99 €

Learn and Master Excel functions and tools for data analytics. Course compatible with Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016

Software Udemy

Excel 365 - The Ultimate Excel Updates Course FREE

Stay in tune with with the latest updates in Excel From Excel 2016 to Latest Release of Excel 365

Software Udemy

The Advanced Excel, Power Pivot & VBA Bundle 84.99 €

Learn Advanced Excel, Power Pivot, Power Query and VBA with this easy to follow video course

Software Udemy

Excel Infographics Masterclass for Dynamic Dashboards 84.99 €

Learn to Make your Dashboards Eyecatching and Dynamic through cool and creative Infographics.

Software Udemy

MS Excel Advance Training: Solve Difficult Problems 34.99 €

Advance Excel 2007 and 2010 features: Do Advance Excel Training and use Excel like a Pro: Charts, Pivot Table & Array,

Software Udemy

SUM Formula Functions In Excel 19.99 €

A course for complete beginners on how to add, subtract, multiply and divide data in a spreadsheet |

Computer science Udemy

Excel To EXE, Make Secure Windows Applications From Excel 84.99 €

Go Beyond Excel's Built-In Security Tools, Boost Features, Lock Down & Create Windows Applications (EXE) with XLSPadlock

Software Udemy

Excel 365 Intermediate 39.99 €

Increased skills for Office 365 Excel

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