Learn French in French 2: the 100 most common words
49.99 €

Immerse yourself step by step into French: translate and speak French, learn French pronunciation with an online course

Udemy 100 lessons 151 views

French Online: Use Past Tenses in French like a Native - 2
24.99 €

PART2: Passé Composé vs Imparfait: Learn French Past Tenses. 100% practical Course. Captioned in FR.

Udemy 28 lessons

LEARN FRENCH : Speak, Read and Travel with French!
34.99 €

Master French with Chanel Bouchard!

Udemy 44 lessons

Learn french very easily as a child-french language course 2
84.99 €

learn french- french language course - french for Intermediate -francais - 3 minute french

Udemy 26 lessons

2 Min Learn French Whisperer Beginner 1-2 - Lessons 1 to 99
84.99 €

"A Must!" William Martin, political editor, Auckland Tribune -- "I've tried them all and this one is it!" Joe Hogan CBS

Udemy 102 lessons 131 views

Paint a TROMPE L'OEIL. People will be AMAZED and SURPRISED.
54.99 €

Paint something really eye catching, impressive & with a real WOW factor. Improve how you paint shadows & create depth.

Udemy 19 lessons

Learn to speak French language from scratch-Part 1
19.99 €

French for Beginners | Learning a foreign language

Udemy 19 lessons

Master your French Pronunciation-Sound Like a Native Speaker
84.99 €

Beginners and Intermediate Improve your French Pronunciation with a French Native Speaker

Udemy 7 lessons

Paint this watercolor painting in 8 easy steps. Just COPY ME
49.99 €

Paint this watercolor and learn to plan, identify problem areas, paint wet & loose & create details with confidence.

Udemy 16 lessons

Paint this watercolor in 7 EASY steps, just copy me & learn
49.99 €

Learn to use watercolor paints the easy way, just by doing it? You will with these easy to follow video demos. fun too.

Udemy 19 lessons

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