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Business Udemy

For Stock Traders to get better at Stock Trading course 19.99 €

This is a Stock Trading Tips Course, improve your technical and fundamental analysis trading to be a better stock trader

Photography Udemy

Using the Dodge & Burn Technique for Professional Photoshop 69.99 €

Learn this traditional darkroom technique in Photoshop for fine art-quality portraiture results

Business Udemy

101 Crucial Lessons They Don't Teach You In Business School 84.99 €

Forbes said "1 of 6 Books Every Entrepreneur Needs to Read Right Now". These concepts are not taught in MBA schools!

Computer science Udemy

Professional Web Design with WordPress Avada Theme 34.99 €

Create powerful User Experience and Modern Interfaces with the Avada Theme [Updated for Avada 7.0 Update]

Internet Udemy

Effective Copywriting Basics for Entrepreneuers FREE

Discover how the amazing potential that effective copywriting has on increasing sales.

Design Udemy

Real-World 10X EFFECTIVE UX Design - You Are Problem Solver! 84.99 €

Create Strong UX Strategy, Do the Right Research, User Interface Design, Measure ROI Results for Your Organisation.

How to Udemy

Future-Proof Your Career 29.99 €

Discover the Timeless Skills of Employees Who Are Always In-Demand

Photography Udemy

Closed Captions and Automatic Translation Made Easy 84.99 €

Learn step by step how to do closed captions and translate to any language using Google Translate Free and Paid Versions

Photography Udemy

Senior Portrait Workflow for Lightroom 19.99 €

Learn how to process your images fast and easy using our Lightroom-only Senior Portrait Workflow online training course.

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