The Tkinter GUI Games course : Build 5 mind blowing games
19.99 €

Build 5 mind blowing games that you've played before and now it's your turn to make them using the power of python

Udemy 33 lessons

Make Games and Web Apps: Unity®, React and Redux Masterclass
84.99 €

​*includes FREE book! Build a SUPER MARLO RUN game in Unity®.​ Learn to code & 3D model. Make web apps in React & Redux.

Udemy 178 lessons 228 views

3D Modelling in Blender

Create your own low poly landscape

Udemy 12 lessons

Learn to Concept Matte Paintings for Games and Film
19.99 €

Learn the Techniques for Creating Believable Environment Concepts

Udemy 17 lessons

How to draw character concepts for games and movies.
39.99 €

Learn how to create concepts of characters for games and movies.

Udemy 17 lessons

Creating a Game Character in Maya and Unity
84.99 €

Detailed guide to creating games models in Maya and Unity, this course has over 80 videos and hours of content...

Udemy 107 lessons 199 views

2D Background Design For Games - Vector Techniques
84.99 €

Create a unique visual style for your game in Photoshop

Udemy 71 lessons 458 views

Intro to UVW Unwrapping in 3ds Max for Games
19.99 €

Master UVW Unwrapping for your game props as we guide you step-by-step through the most important tools in 3ds Max!

Udemy 14 lessons