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Boost Productivity: Personal Mission, Vision, and Values 19.99 €

Treat yourself like a business: A detailed guide to personal mission & vision statements from a business perspective

Spare time Udemy 172 views

Indonesian Cooking Master Class 19.99 €

Indonesian Culinary World - Master the art of Indonesian Cooking

How to Udemy

Heart Meditation Moment FREE

Exploring the Emotion of Love

Computer science Coursera

Create a Dialog Box in Unity Part 3 - Versatile and Reusable Paid Course

In this one-hour, project-based course, we'll add code to an existing dialog box to make it much more versatile and reusable. This project involves building a custom dialog system that opens on t

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Csir Life Sciences Practice Mocks for Csir-Net 2020 June/Dec 84.99 €

CSIR-Net ,IARI, DBT, UGC-Net, Life sciences,phd admission, dbt, pathfinder,life science, csir- june/dec 2020

Music Udemy

Mixing & Mastering for Producers 44.99 €

A modern approach to the age-old art of Mixing & Mastering

Computer science Udemy

Build a SMS service w/ AWS Lambda, Node/Express & Mongo 19.99 €

Use AWS Lambda, AWS SNS, the Serverless framework, Node.js/Express.js & Mongodb/Mongoose to build an SMS sending service

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