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Spare time Udemy 111 views

Japanese Pastry Course #1 Japanese Short cake 24.99 €

Learn how to make the most popular dessert in Japan, basic techniques of baking sponge cake, frosting and decorating.

Spare time Udemy 140 views

Acrylic lesson - Oranges / Tangerines - Still Life 19.99 €

Step by Step real-time Painting Tutorial! You will paint Oranges still life with this lesson!

School Udemy

Create Awesome Powerpoint Presentations in a blink of an eye 19.99 €

Use tricks and our free codes to create awesome powerpoint presentation with a singe click. It drastically reduce timing

How to Udemy

Planning Made Easy with Fun and Free Online Tools FREE

A Comparison of 3 Free Tools that you can start using today!

Internet Udemy

Marketing Psychology and Consumer Behavior 84.99 €

Apply consumer behaviour, marketing psychology and behavior economics to skyrocket the rate of sales and conversions.

Computer science Udemy

Data and Statistics (For Business and Economics) 49.99 €

Make your data speak using graphical and numerical measures in Statistics (Working in MS Excel included).

Software Udemy

Mac Basics to Advance Guide to macOS Sierra / High Sierra 19.99 €

Learn the basics to advance of Apple macOS operating system high sierra or sierra and make yourself a power Mac user!

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