Microsoft Project : Learn Project Management with MS Project
84.99 €

MS Project : Microsoft Project Professional Beginner Master Class about Project Management. Beginner Complete Course

Udemy 27 lessons

Project Management: How to build a Project Charter
29.99 €

Learn the best process to deliver a solid Project Charter to launch any project!

Udemy 17 lessons

Learn Blender 3D - The Project course
84.99 €

Learn the basics of modelling, materials, rigging, rendering and animation using Blender3D

Udemy 47 lessons

Microsoft Project : How to Build a Detailed Project Plan
84.99 €

Clear Concise Steps to Building a Project Plan in Microsoft Project. Become a professional in under an hour

Udemy 21 lessons

Project Management for Non-Project Managers

Step into the World of Project Management. No prior project mgmt or IT industry experience required for this course.

Udemy 3 lessons

Project Management - Financial Methods of Project Assessment
84.99 €

Learn to develop a portfolio of projects are strategically aligned with the business’s mission and vision.

Udemy 6 lessons

Project management for Beginners:First step Project manager
24.99 €

Project Management Basics:PMP,PMBOK(Project charter,PMO,Stakeholder,Project Sponsor,Project life cycle,Prototype ).

Udemy 21 lessons

Microsoft (MS) Project, Project Management & Planning
84.99 €

Money Back Guarantee Course ( 30 days)-Complete course for project Managment and Planning

Udemy 52 lessons

Professional Project Management By A Top 1% Project Manager
89.99 €

Project planning, management on time & budget using Trello, Asana, Jira! Prevent scope creep, make correct estimations

Udemy 36 lessons

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Learning Rxjs the right way 84.99 €

Step by Step guide to understanding the Rxjs Library

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Build an amazing home theater system the easy way 39.99 €

Learn how to convert any room into a fantastic home theater in just one day without breaking the bank

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Drawing For Beginners 59.99 €

The Basics of Drawing for Beginners

Business Udemy

Accounting 101: Accounting Rules For Crypto & Bitcoin 29.99 €

Learn the proper accounting for cryptocurrencies under accounting rules and regulations. Purchases, gains, sales and tax

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Build Pinterest Clone App with Flutter & Firebase Firestore 19.99 €

Learn Flutter 2.8 with Null Safety & Make your own Android & iOS Photo Sharing Application like Instagram Clone App

Computer science Coursera

Alibaba Cloud Native Solutions and Container Service Paid Course

Course Description This course demonstrates how to use Alibaba Cloud Container Service and Container Registry Service to design and develop architectures related to cloud native applications, service

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InVideo 2022: InVideo Video Creation and InVideo Marketing 19.99 €

InVideo 2022: Free InVideo easy video creation and marketing: InVideo beginner to advanced: InVideo

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Learn Nepali Language the Right way FREE

Learn Nepali language through English using International phonetic Alphabet(IPA)

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