Fun with Beginner LEGO MindStorms EV3 Robotics.

Learning by Doing - Lego EV3 Robotics for the absolute beginner, build small robots and program them using EV3-G.

Udemy 41 lessons

CCIE Data Center (v3.0) - Technical Classes
84.99 €

with Ratnesh 2XCCIE # 61380 (Sec | DC )

Udemy 192 lessons 159 views

Get Up to Speed w/ Gatsby v3
19.99 €

A mini-series focused on Gatsby v3 and how images now work

Udemy 24 lessons

Python Programming Bible | Networking, GUI, Email, XML, CGI
84.99 €

Python 3 is one of the most popular programming languages. Companies like Facebook, Microsoft and Apple all want Python

Udemy 97 lessons 2,602 views

YOLOv3 - Robust Deep Learning Object Detection in 1 hour
84.99 €

The Complete Guide to Creating your own Custom AI Object Detection. Learn the Full Workflow - From Training to Inference

Udemy 20 lessons

How To Draw Dogs Vol 3 - Labrador, German Shepherd & Spaniel
29.99 €

Learn to Draw 3 stunning Dog Portraits by following Colin's step by step videos. Draw with this easy to learn art medium

Udemy 13 lessons

Juniper JNCIA IPv6 OSPFv3
29.99 €

Juniper JNCIA IPv6 OSPFv3 Taught Efficient, Quick, Painless, & Easy To Understand - Unlike The Other Guys

Udemy 21 lessons

C1000-012 IBM Watson Application Developer V3.1
29.99 €

C1000-012 IBM Watson Application Developer V3.1 Practice Test

Udemy Podcast

K-pop Vocal Training: Expansion of Vocal Range - for Women
84.99 €

30 days of training with K-pop star vocal trainer. (Eng sub.)

Udemy 30 lessons

VSD - SoC Design of the PicoRV32 RISCV micro-processor
84.99 €

Freedom to build micro-processors

Udemy 28 lessons 121 views

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Introduction to TensorFlow Lite FREE

Learn how to deploy deep learning models on mobile and embedded devices with TensorFlow Lite. This course was developed by the TensorFlow team and Udacity as a practical approach to model deployment f

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Web Design & Dreamweaver Tutorials FREE

The latest and greatest web design and Dreamweaver tutorials from Facebook Twitter Google+ Website http

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Swift for Beginners FREE

In this course, you’ll begin learning Swift, Apple's programming language for building iOS applications. You'll start with fundamentals and work your way towards understanding all the core p...

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