Mindful Wedding Planning Foundations Course
39.99 €

The tools and mindset you need for calm, organized, confident and mindful wedding planning without the stress and drama.

Udemy 20 lessons

Plan Your Wedding Like a Pro
34.99 €

Learn step-by-step how to plan your own wedding from a professional event planner

Udemy 13 lessons

Learn how to paint my Watercolor painting wedding portrait.
34.99 €

Follow my step by step lessons,right from the beginning,paint watercolor portraits like a professional artist does it!

Udemy 20 lessons

Introduction to Wedding videography
59.99 €

Learn all things wedding videography

Udemy 8 lessons

Wedding Videography - Ultimate Masterclass by SuperWeddings
99.99 €

Learn from the AWARD WINNING wedding videographer HOW to make your films look more awesome and book amazing weddings.

Udemy 16 lessons

Wedding Photography Workshop
19.99 €

A step by step guide to setting yourself up as a wedding photographer

Udemy 22 lessons

Getting Started as a Wedding and Event Planner
39.99 €

Getting experience, building a portfolio, types of services offered, mistakes to avoid and much more!

Udemy 12 lessons

Wedding Photography, Complete Guide From Zero to Profits
49.99 €

Wedding Photography, learn how to be successful AND profitable. Learn from my 15 years experience in wedding photography

Udemy 68 lessons 148 views

Wedding Flower Design School for the DIY Bride
39.99 €

Learn how to create your own wedding flowers from Bouquets, Corsages, Boutonnieres, Decor, and Centerpieces.

Udemy 7 lessons

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