Microsoft Word Level 2 - Intermediate Word
49.99 €

Powerup your Microsoft Word skills to the Next Level by Mastering Word Charts, Quick Parts, SmartArt, and More

Udemy 36 lessons 129 views

Microsoft Word 2013 Fast Start: Be A 2015 Office Superhero!
49.99 €

Become A SpeedDemon With MS Word 2013 & Start Making Gorgeous Documents Today. I Used These To Boost My $$ Per Hour 57%.

Udemy 11 lessons

NAMAZ Course - Namaz With Urdu Hindi Translation - QURAN
19.99 €

Urdu Hindi Namaz Ka Tarjuma, Quran Lafzi Tarjuma Aakhri 10 Soorton Ka ,Surah Fatiha Tarjuma, Attahiyat Ka Tarjuma

Udemy 19 lessons

Microsoft Word Level 3 - Advanced Word
49.99 €

Become a Word Expert by Mastering Advanced Word Forms, Track Changes, Index, Citations, Cross-Reference and More!

Udemy 38 lessons 127 views

The Complete Microsoft Word Course: Master Microsoft Word
84.99 €

Microsoft Office - MS Word - Microsoft Word 2019 - Microsoft Word 2016 - Microsoft Word Advanced - MS Office

Udemy 146 lessons 897 views

SALAH Course - Arabic To English Translation Of Namaz -QURAN
19.99 €

Understand Arabic To English Translation Of Complete Namaz To Bring Concentration In Salah, & Khushu In Salah, QURAN

Udemy 20 lessons

Learn MS Word - From Beginner to Expert
19.99 €

Learn MS Word Covering - Basic and Advanced Features

Udemy 9 lessons

Microsoft Word | Beginner-Advanced and Professional
19.99 €

Basic to Professional Level Microsoft Word Training Course | A complete guide to MS Word

Udemy 26 lessons

Correlated course

Software Missingmanuals 6085 views

Using Tables in Word 2007 FREE

This screencast from Chris Grover, author of Word 2007: The Missing Manual, guides you through working with tables in a Word 2007 document.

School Udemy

English Language Correct Word Placement Test - Quiz - 10 19.99 €

English Language Correct Word Placement Test - Quiz - 10

Computer science Coursera

Creating a Word Jumble Game in Python Using Tkinter GUI Paid Course

In this 1-hour long project-based course, you will learn how to be able to create a fully functioning Word Jumble Game using tkinter GUI in python. You will be able to create, add, and customize diffe

Software Udemy

Microsoft Word 2016: Beginner and Intermediate Training 84.99 €

Microsoft Word 2016 at Its Best (with Exercises in Every Lecture) - Boost Your Office Productivity in No Time

Software Udemy

Microsoft Word 2010 19.99 €

Basic/Advanced skill development in Microsoft Word 2010

Software Udemy

Mastering Microsoft Word Commands - Beginner to Advanced 19.99 €

Master the most used Microsoft Office commands, Microsoft Word, Word 2010, Word 365, Word 365 Document Preparation

Software Udemy

Microsoft Word 365 for the Job Market. 19.99 €

"Interactive lessons guide you through top to bottom! From Beginner to the Job Market!"

Internet Udemy 119 views

Word-of-Mouth Marketing Workshop (How to Create Viral Buzz) 39.99 €

Viral Marketing Secrets for Startups, Artists and Entrepreneurs

Software Udemy

Office 365: Word - Making and Repairing Documents 19.99 €

Learn the easy way to create professional looking documents; and clean up previous documents.

Software Udemy

A Beginners Guide to Microsoft Word in 30 minutes 19.99 €

Start working in MS-Word after only 30 minutes of comprehensive training

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