Zbrush Sculpting: Learn Sculpting the Human Head in Zbrush
29.99 €

Learning the female head & face feature sculpting likeness using tools, brushes and alphas in zbrush

Udemy 17 lessons

Sculpt Characters for Collectibles using Zbrush
84.99 €

Create amazing collectible statues for 3d printing, collecting, board games and more

Udemy 51 lessons 109 views

ZBrush 4 - Create Hair & Fur with Fibremesh, Game of Thrones
49.99 €

Learn How to Tame ZBrushe's Fibremesh in this easy to follow action packed course

Udemy 30 lessons

NEW! Zbrush Hard Surface Sculpting Beginner to Advance
49.99 €

A course designed to all levels for anyone interested in learning developing Hard Surface Sculpting Techniques

Udemy 35 lessons

Zbrush For Beginners
19.99 €

Learn How to Use Zbrush - Beginners Guide

Udemy 13 lessons

Complete Guide to Zbrush 2022
89.99 €

Learn the latest Zbrush 2022 with 7 practical projects and see yourself getting better with each project you finish.

Udemy 60 lessons

ZBrush 4 R8 - Kitbashing and Custom Brush and Tile Creation
19.99 €

Learn how to build your own kitbash library inside ZBrush, understand brush and tile creation in ZBrush

Udemy 16 lessons

Female Anatomy Sculpting in Zbrush
19.99 €

Create hyper realistic female characters with perfect anatomy and skin details.

Udemy 148 lessons 114 views

Character Modeling and Sculpting in Zbrush
84.99 €

Jump into 3D Game Development and Learn Character Sculpting in Zbrush with this Complete Beginner Course!

Udemy 41 lessons

Stylized Head Sculpting in Zbrush + Re-Topology
19.99 €

Cartoon Character Sculpting

Udemy 9 lessons

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