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Health & Wellness Udemy


The definitive edition of Balance ball YOGA! All poses using the Exercise BALL

Health & Wellness Udemy

Existential Therapy 69.99 €

Learn existential therapy approach

Photography Udemy

Easy Portrait Retouching With Lightroom Classic & Photoshop 84.99 €

Learn How To Develop A Quick And Easy Editing Workflow With Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Camera Raw & Adobe Photoshop

Internet Udemy

Brand Builder 24.99 €

Create a memorable, stand-out brand for your business that your customers will love.

Software Udemy

The Complete Guide to iOS 7 - iPad Edition FREE

A Go-To resource for any iPad question you have.

School Udemy

Decimal math operations for pre algebra without a calculator 39.99 €

The fun, simple way to add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals for mathematics using songs, dippy doos, horses

Internet Udemy

Marketing Commandments 101 FREE

Marketing is not magic, its a skill!

Business Udemy

Altcoins to the Moon - Crypto talk FREE

I'm all about altcoins. I'm going to share with you the current market and how I maximize my gains. Also my top altcoins

Business Udemy

Body Language & Nonverbal Business Communication Certificate 34.99 €

Empower Yourself in under 2h: Body Language, Nonverbal Communication & Business Etiquette - the #1 Secret Included

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