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Internet Udemy 139 views

Clickbank Affiliate For Beginners: Fast Track Training 2020 39.99 €

Learn how to use Clickbank methods quickly and easily as an Affiliate or Vendor

University Coursera 167 views

Basic Statistics in Python (Correlations and T-tests) Paid Course

By the end of this project, you will learn how to use Python for basic statistics (including t-tests and correlations). We will learn all the important steps of analysis, including loading, sorting an

Health & Wellness Udemy 102 views

Zhan Zhuang Qi Gong 49.99 €

Breathing exercises for physical and mental heatlh

Health & Wellness Udemy

Yoga and Meditation for Self-Love and Acceptance 24.99 €

Start your journey to self-love and acceptance using Yoga, Meditation, Mantra, Breathwork and more in this guided course

Computer science Udemy 141 views

ASP.NET Core Web API - Zero to Hero [ASP.Net Core 5.0] 84.99 €

Master the ASP.NET Core Web API concepts, Develop RESTful Web API and consume them in Angular application

Computer science Coursera 133 views

Configuring Python Extension Pack with Visual Studio Code Paid Course

In this 1.5 hours guided project, you will learn how to install, configure and use the Python extension pack and related extensions in Visual Studio Code. At the end of the class, you will be familiar

Health & Wellness Udemy

Tai Chi Combat 49.99 €

Master Wong Tai Chi System

Business Udemy

Sales Skills & Sales Training For Beginners 19.99 €

Essential sales skills , Practical Sales Techniques and Strategies which will Increase Your Sales Success

How to Udemy

Mindfulness Practice for Building Resilience 19.99 €

Diving deep into mindfulness as a strategy for building resilience

Business Udemy

The Ultimate Penny Stocks Day Trading Masterclass 99.99 €

Penny Stocks Day Trading Masterclass - Learn How to Day Trade Penny Stocks from a Full-Time Penny Stock Day Trader!

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