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Write Better Agile User Stories Masterclass - Scrum & Kanban 19.99 €

An Advanced Guide - Master User Story Writing & Business Analysis, Develop Better Products & Be a Great Product Owner

Business Udemy

Negotiation Skills 24.99 €

‘Negotiation skills’ are a must for anyone to succeed when dealing with people.

Business Udemy

Supply Chain: Planning of Resources & Detailed Scheduling 69.99 €

Master the essentials of the Manufacturing, Planning and Control Hierarchy and become a recognized Supply Chain Leader

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Beating Depression: The Hidden Secrets Of Beating Depression 84.99 €

Discover The Hidden Secrets Of HOW To Beat Depression

Computer science Udacity

iOS Interview Prep FREE

This course is an excellent way to prepare for technical interviews. You’ll experience a mock interview, and review detailed analysis on how to field key industry questions. You’ll review common i...

Business Udemy

Aspen Plus V11 : Flash , Distillation & Extraction Processes 29.99 €

Steady-State Chemical Engineering Simulation and Modeling of Separation Processes using Aspen Plus V11

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Toolkit for Nonprofits and Ministries FREE

Free Coronavirus Response Course and Toolkit for Nonprofits and Ministries

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Master Google Gmail & Microsoft Outlook: 2 courses in 1 24.99 €

Master Google Gmail & Microsoft Outlook: The world's most-used email platforms. Be a pro with 2 in 1 course. Enroll now!

Internet Udemy

Create A Marketing Plan For Your Business in 2 Hours or Less 84.99 €

Learn ideal marketing strategies and tools to create a marketing plan that will have you leap into action within a day

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