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Business Coursera 113 views

Innovation for Entrepreneurs: From Idea to Marketplace Paid Course

Develop insights on navigating the innovation process from idea generation to commercialization. Build knowledge on how to create strategies to bring innovations to market. Develop an innovation portf

How to Udemy

Social Media and Online Safety for our Kids Parent Workshop 54.99 €

Workshop 1 – The Basics: How to Keep Our Kids Safe & Kind On Their Social Media Apps & Devices

Computer science Udemy

C_TS4FI_2020 | SAP for Financial Accounting - Practice Test 19.99 €

Comprehensive Questions That will Help to pass the SAP for Financial Accounting - C_TS4FI_2020 Practice Test Exam

Music Udemy

How to Write a Love Song For Your Sweetheart 19.99 €

A step-by-step guide and all the tools you need to write and present a love song for your sweetheart.

Health & Wellness Udemy

Human Health Tracking 19.99 €

The simplest way to get healthy.

Computer science Udemy

Mastering critical SKILLS in Algorithms using C++: Part 1 84.99 €

90 Challenges with their solutions to sharpen your problem-solving skills and smooth interviews preparations

Business Udemy

Introduction to Excel Pivot Tables 19.99 €

Learn Pivot Tables from scratch, applying calculations, applying formatting & combining multiple Pivots.

Health & Wellness Udemy

Time saving gym workout (under 30 min) 24.99 €

Straightforward effective gym exercises for Advanced people

University Coursera

Vector Calculus for Engineers Paid Course

Vector Calculus for Engineers covers both basic theory and applications. In the first week we learn about scalar and vector fields, in the second week about differentiating fields, in the third week a

Software Udemy

Job Order Costing System – Managerial Accounting 84.99 €

Accounting for a job cost system presented by a practicing certified public accountant (CPA)

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