The SDG Academy creates and curates graduate-level courses on sustainable development for learners around the world. From sustainable cities to human rights to climate action, each of our courses addresses the fundamental challenge facing our world today: How do people, communities, businesses and governments coexist, cooperate and collaborate to save the one planet we have? The SDG Academy's courses are fully interactive, so you can meet, debate and learn from both our global faculty of sust

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Finding my niche in NLP, CBT, Life Coaching, Mindfulness + 19.99 €

A productivity course designed to help you determine who to help, how to develop your niche and if it's viable.

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Psychic Mediumship CERTIFIED 84.99 €

Use Mediumship to communicate with spirits, conduct a seance, and develop your psychic senses with this CERTIFIED COURSE

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Living Room Dance: Salsa for Beginners 19.99 €

A laid back approach to learning this fun dance

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Cucumber BDD With Java, Jenkin, GIT 19.99 €

BDD, Cucumber, Gherkins, Behavior Driven Development, overview on cucumber, Basics on cucumber

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Acronis #CyberFit Developer Business Automation Part 3 FREE

Intermediate level developer course focused on Acronis Cyber Platform's Business Automation APIs for ISV, RMM, PSA, MSP

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Essentials in JavaScript ES6 - A Fun and Clear Introduction 84.99 €

A creative and fun course on JavaScript ES6! Has Webpack, Babel, React, and all the new syntax you need to code in ES6!

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The Project Finance Process FREE

Project Finance and the Public Private Partnership Professional Certificate

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How To Become A Top-Rated & Top-Earning Upwork Freelancer 84.99 €

Achieve success, enjoy running your freelancing business and build strong working relationships

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