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Health & Wellness Udemy

Orthopaedics for Medical Students FREE

Warrnambool Campus Orthopaedic Course

How to Udemy

How To Find Your Career From MULTIPLE Passions 84.99 €

Resolve conflicts, reconcile passions, become an expert generalist or a polymath, or build a life instead of a career.

Music Udemy

5 Steps To Fusion 49.99 €

A Fusion Guitar Masterclass

Business Udemy

Registration & Licences required to run a Business in India 84.99 €

Take this course to know what are the various registrations / licenses required to start and run Business in India

Computer science Udemy

JavaScript & Angular with Hands-on Examples 84.99 €

JavaScript (JS) libraries such as React, Angular, Node with my hands-on JavaScript (JS) and Angular course.

Computer science Coursera

Build a Lo-Fi Responsive Website Prototype with Adobe XD Paid Course

In this 1.5 hour guided project, you will learn how to create a low-fidelity responsive website prototype using Adobe XD. Low fidelity prototypes focus on the workflow and content rather than typograp

Business Udemy

Excel Crash Course: Master Excel for Financial Analysis 44.99 €

Beginner to Advanced: Learn Excel Shortcuts, Formulas & Functions for Financial Modeling & Corporate Finance

Computer science Udemy

DP-201: Designing an Azure Data Solution Practice Test 19.99 €

150+ Latest Practice Test for Exam Preparations with Detail Explanation and Reference link

Computer science Udemy

Foundation 5 for Beginners FREE

We apply the Zurb's Foundation 5 web framework to build a simple Responsive website.

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