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Computer science Udemy

Beginning Dreamweaver CC2014 84.99 €

An introduction to Dreamweaver Creative Cloud, from making a single page to a full website posted online.

Spare time Udemy

Rune Casting and Rune Magic 84.99 €

Take back your fate by learning to read the runes and channel their magic

Business Udemy

Microsoft Excel for Business Professionals 84.99 €

Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices Straight from Corporate America

Business Udemy

Shopware Template Training Advanced - English FREE

Learn how to create your own theme configuration

Music Udemy

Rock Drumset Grooves: Level 1 19.99 €

Always wanted to play the drums? Master several essential rock drum beats fast with this jam-packed drumming course!

Business Coursera

AI Applications in People Management Paid Course

In this course, you will learn about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as it applies to HR Management. You will explore concepts related to the role of data in machine learning, AI applicat

School Udemy

Career Planning for English Language Learners FREE

Effective strategies for thoughtful career planning

Design Udemy

Manufacturing Guide for Mechanical Product Development 84.99 €

Learn how everyday physical products are manufactured with no prior experience in engineering.

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