Correlated course

Business Udemy

American Sign Language for Business - Beginner 49.99 €

Learn the basic business terms and vocabulary within American Sign Language (ASL).

Spare time Coursera

Espace mondial, a French vision of Global studies Paid Course

To explain how globalization rebuilt public policy and social behavior, we study the different political, economic, and social actors - public or private, individual or collective - and the exchanges

Software Udemy

Google Forms - Create Awesome Forms for Free 19.99 €

Quickly and Easily Create Your Surveys, Quizzes, and Forms from Start to Finish With Free Google Forms

Computer science Udemy

Create Games With C# & WinForms (step by step for beginners) 19.99 €

Project-based Learning: Create simple games using C# with WinForms (Windows Forms) without frameworks or libraries

School Udemy

Prehistoric Architecture 84.99 €

Architecture before the written word

How to Udemy

Clear the 3 biggest blocks to weight-loss 19.99 €

Dissolve your subconscious resistance to weight-loss with EFT Tapping

Music Udemy

Mixing Vocals in Studio One Artist | Music Production 84.99 €

Presonus - Learn to mix vocals like a Pro using Studio One Artist - Stock Plugins

How to Udemy

Life Compass: How to constantly plan and live a full life 24.99 €

Learn how to use a simple pocket agenda to constantly (not only in holidays) plan and act on your life journey

Software Udemy

SAP MM Logistics Invoice Verification Process 29.99 €

Invoice Receipt, Credit Memo, Subsequent Debit, Subsequent Credit, ERS, Invoice Print and Tax Code Creation

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