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Design Udemy

Blender: Product rendering for beginners. 44.99 €

Understand lighting and create amazing renders with blender.

Design Udemy

Adobe After Effects For Beginners - VFX & Motion Graphics 19.99 €

Learn How To Use Adobe After Effects To Create Cool Motion Graphics & Visual Effects - For Beginners

How to Udemy

Productivity and Time Management: Organize Your Life 84.99 €

Become efficient in personal productivity, time management, file management, and your work.

Business Udemy

Stock Trading: Performance Test your stock trading method 84.99 €

Do you know the effectiveness of your trading method? Performance test it before you suffer losses!

Spare time Udemy


We will draw a lovely Tulips in Watercolor Painting step by step, get acquainted with the simple watercolor techniques

School Udemy

Small Engine Diagnostics 19.99 €

Learn To Diagnose Small Engines Like a Pro.

University Coursera

Fundamentals of Immunology: Dueling with the Dark Side Paid Course

Fundamentals of Immunology, Course 4: Dueling with the Dark Side, covers the constant battle between your immune system and threats to your health. The first two lectures discuss viral and cellular pa

Business Udemy

Business Strategy and Decision Making of Fortune 500 Leaders 89.99 €

Master business strategy and decision making best practices of Fortune 500 firm leaders taught by world-renowned expert

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