Rethinking Us & Them: Integration and Diversity in Europe

Rethinking 'Us' & 'Them': Integration and Diversity in Europe iversity

What would it take to create truly integrated societies in diverse countries where migration is part and parcel of economic and social life? Learn from top academics, hands-on practitioners, citizens »

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Taxes in our life

Taxes in our life iversity

The EU does not have a direct role in raising taxes or setting tax rates. The amount of tax you pay is decided by your government. The EU's role is to support implementation of national tax rules – »

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Fair Wage Strategies in a Global Economy

Fair Wage Strategies in a Global Economy iversity

Billions of workers around the world have no regular income or do not even earn a wage sufficient to live a decent life. Over the last decade, wages for many workers have been stagnant and the largest »

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International Labour Standards: How to Use Them

International Labour Standards: How to Use Them iversity

Workers’ Rights are Human Rights. International Labour Standards are designed to provide minimum levels of protection every worker should enjoy. They serve as safeguards against exploitative and dan »

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Software Graphics Editor (Photoshop) 16511 visualizações

Adobe Creative Suite Tutorials 503 aulas

Welcome to the Adobe Creative Suite Podcast with tips and tutorials by Terry White. Unlock the power of the Creative Suite.

Software 3D Graphics 18064 visualizações

Tutorial Maxscript for 3DSmax 7 aulas

GavinB from CGTalk has generously provided the following free maxscript video tutorials.

Videogames PSP 5059 visualizações

How to Use Remote Play With Your Playstation 3 and PSP 1 lição

This video shows how to connect your PSP (firmware 3.80) to your PS3 (firmware 2.10), using a Private Network. Much easier than before!

Software Graphics Editor (Photoshop) 5293 visualizações

How to Make a Professional Button in Photoshop 1 lição

For high quality quicktime(.mov) version see

Software Management (Excel, BI) 5836 visualizações

Excel Manual 4 aulas

Screencast from Matthew MacDonald, author of Excel 2007: The Missing Manual

Software Text Editor (Word) 5721 visualizações

Adding Custom Animation in PowerPoint 2007 1 lição

This screencast from E.A. Vander Veer, author of PowerPoint 2007: The Missing Manual, guides you through adding custom animation to an object in your PowerPoint presentation. http://www.missingmanuals

Software Utilities 5195 visualizações

Debugging Scripts in FileMaker Pro 9 1 lição

This screencast from Geoff Coffey, co-author of FileMaker Pro 9: The Missing Manual, guides you through using the Script Debugger to fix your FileMaker Pro scripts.

Software 3D Graphics 6183 visualizações

3DS Max Basic Tutorial 3 aulas

For more 3ds max videos:

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